Fred Campos

For HEB ISD School Board Place 7

I want to CONTINUE to serve our future generation by ensuring that our district maintains high academic standards, continues conservative spending at all levels, and promotes world class learning opportunities for ALL students. This is best accomplished by involving the parents, the teachers and the community.

A Little More About Fred Campos

Fred Campos grew up in Grapevine, Texas and studied Computer Science for three years at the University of North Texas in Denton (he did not graduate). In 1996, he created a remittance software company and bought a house the Rustic Woods neighborhood in Bedford, Texas. Fred recalls looking everywhere for a home, but his realtor repeatedly showed him homes in HEB ISD because of the excellent reputation of the schools.

Fred & Karen met each other at the University of North Texas through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Their paths would cross again 12 years later finding Fred a single custodial father to Caitlyn from a previous relationship. Karen had earned both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Elementary Education. She was a 3rd grade teacher and Science lead at O.C. Taylor Elementary in the Grapevine Colleyville ISD.

Karen and Fred were married in 2001. Today, Caitlyn is 19 and continuing college at Tarrant County Community College.  She graduated from L.D. Bell High School, played in the  L.D. Bell Band, and took International Baccalaureate.  Their middle son, Zachary, is a GT (Gifted and Talented) learning, chess playing, computer game designing, Honor Choir singing, Arabic, French and Spanish speaking, 11th grader at Keys High School. Their youngest son, Daniel, prefers to play outside and shows high interest in sports. He is a 3rd grader at Viridian Elementary, in Spanish Immersion and World Language IBI (International Business Initiative)

Today, Fred Campos owns a website company called, DFW Website Designers which does small business websites and check transport solutions. Fred was highly involved at Meadow Creek, Harwood Junior High, and Bedford Junior High, and L.D. Bell High School being a custodial father to Caitlyn. This involvement continued in many ways with Zachary at Meadow Creek Elementary, Viridian Elementary, Central Junior High, and Keys High School. For example, Fred assisted, quizzed and chaperoned Zachary’s 4th grade class field trip to Austin. Additional, Fred volunteered his time by mentoring a group of high school kids for four years through Trojan Talk program at Trinity High School.

Everyone knows kids tell all. Here’s a comment from Caitlyn. “My dad is everywhere! For seven years he changed the marque at Meadow Creek every week. He was involved in my classroom parties, the parent reading programs, and Field Days. He knows all my teachers and principals. It’s embarrassing, awful and awesome all at the same time.”

And not to be outdone, here’s a comment from Zachary. “My dad has taught me several programming languages and together we have re-written and digitized games like Yahtzee from scratch. He took a full day off and chaperoned my 4th grade trip to Austin. He’s an involved dad and continues to be good for our schools. He has my vote!”

Fred comes from a diverse background and understands the needs of kids in our community. He recognizes that HEB represents single families, blended families, nuclear families, and special needs families all of which have varying 

social, economic, and language backgrounds. His goal is to continue to provide for and ensure a rich education that reaches ALL students in the district for their future success.

For more information on Fred Campos and how he thinks, follow his hour-by-hour twitter account (@FredsDaily) which as documented every single hour of his life (really no kidding) for the past two years and beyond.  Talk about transparency!


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