50 Reasons to Re-Elect Fred Campos for HEB ISD School Board Place 7

In an effort to share my perspective with you, consider my explanation of the stages we all go through in life. Not everyone feels they can move up, but I believe involved citizens do try to progress forward. I want the children in our district to grow up being healthy, wealthy, wise, tax paying, society contributing, adults who grow up and leave the nest. Where do you find yourself in the stages listed below?

Stage 1: Needy Usually children and a few adults that require up to 100% support from parents and society.
Stage 2: Self-Sufficient Individuals Adults able to pay and take care of themselves without aid.
Stage 3: Self-Sufficient Families Adults who are able to take care of themselves & their families.
Stage 4: Society Contributors Adults who take care of themselves, their families but also have time and resources to better the community and their corner of the world.

Did you find yourself? When I view this list as a 48 years old, I see myself at a “Stage 4” time in my life. I believe I serve my family, my church, my friends and co-workers well. Now I “kick it up a notch,” as chef Emeril Lagasse would say. I serve you and our community as your HEB ISD School Board trustee and secretary. As you consider my re-election this coming May, I offer this list.

50 Reasons to Re-Elect Fred Campos

1. Fred Campos is a 27 year resident of Bedford and has/had three, children attending HEB ISD schools (Caitlyn has graduated). He and his wife Karen reside at 3832 Periwinkle Street, Bedford, TX 76021.

2. Fred Campos has lived 43 years in the North Texas area. He graduated from Grapevine High School and attended the University of North Texas for three years, majoring in Computer Science.  Note:  He does not hold a degree, but brings perspective of those who don’t necessarily go on to finish college.

3. Fred Campos is an active member of the HEB Chamber of Commerce, and has been since May of 2010.

4. Fred Campos has owned businesses in all three cities: Hurst, Euless and currently Bedford.

5. Fred Campos is very proud of our district, and the decisions made by our existing and former trustees.

6. Fred Campos did not run against a current board member but rather ran to fill the vacancy in Place 7 that was left by Mark Cyrier, a fine and dedicated trustee.

7. With his own kids spread throughout the HEB ISD, Fred Campos has the unique perspective, insight and experience with multiple schools at the elementary, junior high and high school levels.

8. Fred Campos believes EDUCATION is the second best gift that a parent can give a child, with a relationship with God being first.

9. Fred Campos believes in the success of ALL children in our district.

10. Fred Campos believes parents should be involved in the learning process as they are the first and foremost educators of their children.

11. Fred Campos is married to a retired elementary school teacher, Karen Campos. Together they both believe the profession of educators should be held in high regard, and highest paid possible.

12. Fred’s wife, Karen Campos, graduated from the University of North Texas in five years with her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Elementary Education with a 4.0. Yes, Fred married UP the food chain.

13. Fred Campos believes it “takes a village to educate children” and sees cooperation from the home, the school, and the district as integral to the success of the students.

14. Fred Campos is a member of, attends and serves regularly at Fellowship Church in Grapevine.

15. Fred Campos is a God fearing, Bible studying, knee praying, connect group leader.

16. Fred Campos in addition to the board meetings, participates in more than 50 other HEB ISD functions and events each and every year.

17. Fred Campos is an avid reader, enjoying and learning from more than 25 books a year.

18. According to his teenage daughter, Caitlyn, Fred Campos is a “smart phone auditing, technology collecting, teacher emailing, online grade checking, college encouraging, chore charting, allowance motivating, friend evaluating, over-the-top boyfriend approving, overly involved dad.”

19. Fred Campos is a reverse software engineer, remittance software developer, small business web designer and humorous public speaker.

20. Due to the nature of his work, Fred Campos is a creative out-of-the-box thinker, idea generator and solution finder.

21. Fred Campos is a CC (Competent Communicator) Toastmaster. He has won club, area, and district level humorous speaking contests.

22. Fred Campos is a compelling public speaker, having taught and presented at more than 55 tradeshows and groups, over the past 10 years.

23. Fred and Karen Campos both serve as volunteers in many different capacities throughout the year at the schools their children attend  (Note:  This has amounted to SEVEN different HEB ISD campuses).

24. Fred Campos was a community member volunteer for Trojan Talk at Trinity High School for four years. He mentored and lead group discussions each month on topics relevant to teenagers.

25. Fred Campos currently attends with his family and supports a wide variety of district events such as sports, competitions, band events, language presentations, Suzuki strings, Elementary Honor Choir, Spelling and Geography Bees, and PTAs.

26. Fred Campos completed the HEB ISD Leadership Academy, prior to being elected.

27. Fred Campos completed and graduated from the HEB ISD Leadership Academy II, prior to being elected.

28. Fred Campos supports the district concept of “Core Knowledge.

29. Fred Campos supports the district concept of Strategic Planning and Continuous Improvement.

30. Fred Campos has attended more than 20 public school board meetings, prior to being elected for office.

31. Fred Campos is acquainted with the key players in administration and read and reviewed all board agendas, slides, and presentations going back three years before being elected.

32. Fred Campos, being a geeky engineer, has read and studied the mounds of public statistical data associated with the district ranging from budget dollars to demographics of our students.

33. Fred Campos believes in frugal spending, balanced budgets and stretching every penny of the district’s stakeholders.

34. Fred Campos is a continuous learner who embraces and studies technology, always on the lookout for high quality free opportunities to help educate our children, like Duolingo, Memrise, Khan Academy. Check them out!

35. Fred Campos, having run a social media company in the past, understands the benefits and pitfalls of social media communication and our ever widening digital footprint.

36. Fred Campos has served the community previously on the following three boards: the DFW Writer’s Group (in Euless as treasurer for two years), the Rustic Woods Neighborhood Association (in Bedford as treasurer for two years) and the Irving Toastmaster Club (in Irving as president for a year).

37. Fred Campos believes all children should have the opportunity to attend college if they choose, but wants to encourage and provide solid success paths for our children who choose not to immediately after high school.

38. Fred Campos meets weekly with existing trustees, monthly with most all of our city leaders, and has one-on-one breakfast/lunch with our Superintendent, Steve Chapman.

39. Fred Campos is willing to continue to make the time and commitment to attend all school board meetings, functions, school visits, school activities, conferences, committees, advocacy, etc. NOTE: This currently amounts to 15-25 hours during the week.

40. Fred Campos has/had three children in the district attending three different schools at all three levels: elementary, junior high, and high school, all at the same time. This placement, gives him a unique perspective of the district at all three levels.

41. Fred Campos has been involved with his children in district for the past 15 years.

42. Fred Campos understands firsthand the struggles of single and blended families in our district.

43. Fred Campos understands the potential problems that may arise in regards to education issues for blended kids, step-parents, visitation models and vacation planning.

44. Fred Campos’s 19 year old daughter, Caitlyn Campos, attended L.D. Bell High School. She played clarinet in the marching band, and is pursued the International Baccalaureate degree.

45. Fred Campos understands the special needs of a dyslexic 504 coded child and the struggles parents go through in assisting and advocating for these kids.

46. Fred Campos’s 15 year old son, Zachary Campos, was involved in the World Languages Program, through Viridian Elementary School and Central Jr. High, sangs in the HEB Elementary Honor Choir, and is on course to graduate from KEYS High School in 2020.

47. Fred Campos understands the social and emotional needs of gifted and talented children and the struggles parents go through in assisting and advocating for these kids.

48. All of Fred Campos’s three children, Caitlyn, Zachary and Daniel have/are involved in HEB’s Spanish Immersion Program.

49. By the time Fred’s youngest son graduates from high school, Fred will have been involved in the district AS A PARENT for 24 years and will be the first board member to have students graduate from all three of HEB ISD High Schools.

50. When Fred Campos’s children have all completed high school, Fred will have had kids involved in eight of HEB ISD’s schools.

Please re-elect Fred Campos, School Board, this May 2019!